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Time to Review Your Insurance Strategy?

Protecting your business, safeguarding your future

When was your last alternative broker review?

A. 10+ years ago

B. 4-10 years ago

C. 2-4 years ago

D. 0-2 years ago

When does your broker complete your renewal discussions before the actual renewal date?

A. The day before

B. 1 week before

C. 2-3 weeks before

D. Over a month before

How does your broker advise you of your renewal terms?

A. Sends me the insurer documents only

B. Phones/emails me

C. Provides a basic renewal report

D. Provides a detailed renewal report

How much support do you get during a claim?

A. None

B. I report to them initially

C. I have some updates on progress

D. I have full claims support including site visits with loss adjusters where required

How often does your broker provide you with a detailed claims report?

A. They don’t

B. Part of renewal report only

C. Twice per year

D. Quarterly/monthly

Does your broker help you with your H&S and general risk management?

A. No support

B. Support from my insurers

C. Some occasional broker support

D. Planned programme by broker

Does your broker provide you with a dedicated account contact?

A. I have no idea who to ask for

B. I call the contact centre

C. I call the team

D. I have a named account handler


Mainly A’s- You need to review your programme urgently

Mainly B’s- You should give serious consideration to a programme review

Mainly C’s- Your service levels are reasonable, but could certainly improve

Mainly D’s- You appear to be receiving a very good service

If you answered mostly A’s, B’s or C’s, get in touch with our Chartered team today to discuss reviewing your insurance strategy.