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How Can You Be Positive You Get The Right Cover?

It’s fair to say that as an astute business person you’ll appreciate the need to have the appropriate cover for every eventuality, but how can you be sure of getting it?

How can you have complete peace of mind and be positive that, in the event of a major claim, your business won’t become one of the sad statistics … That you won’t be one of the 67% that don’t last for two years following a claim?

As a professional and discerning business you may well have done your best to get the most appropriate cover available, however…

There are numerous examples of good, solid businesses that have been irrevocably damaged because a clause wasn’t made clear, or a broker didn’t have a full and total appreciation of the organisations needs. These simple but totally avoidable errors are the nightmares that happen.

Cowens Follow Four Key Steps to Ensure You Are Fully Protected – Always

Cowens insurance professionals will systematically, accurately, and with attention to detail, do four things that work in conjunction with one another to protect the survival capability of your business.

  1. Thoroughness and detail – Your business will be thoroughly assessed to clearly identify and define ALL the risks associated with it. Nothing can be taken for granted, no assumptions can be made. When all the risks are analysed the appropriate programme of cover can be created for your organisation. It’s this that will give you the depth and level of cover necessary to ensure your survival capability.
  2. Speed – Should you ever need to claim, the speed with which your claim is settled is critical. In times of crisis such as these ‘cash is king’. All too many businesses have ‘gone under’ because they didn’t get their money in time to prevent it. You’ll find Cowens respond immediately, they won’t leave it to the company providing your cover. Cowens represent you to ensure a loss adjuster is mobilised and fully appraised quickly. Your Cowens team focus on processing your claim without delay. They ensure you get settlement quickly so that your business doesn’t suffer due to any incident, accident or happening … All to protect your survival capability.
  3. You will receive full claims settlement – The time to find out you are under insured is not when you make a claim. There is no wrangling and haggling with insurance companies for Cowens customers … That’s because Cowens represent you and, because they know in great detail exactly how your programme was put together, they will ensure you get exactly what you anticipate and need, and not a penny less, guaranteeing your survival capability.
  4. You’re looked after by a highly experienced team – Like all businesses, Cowens know they are only as good as their people. Recognised as an Investor In People, they’re committed to helping all team members be the very best they can be. As members of the British Insurance Brokers Association their insurance professionals strictly adhere to all the guidelines laid down for your protection. Importantly, they are one of a select few Insurance Brokers in Britain who have achieved the coveted status of ‘Chartered Insurance Broker’ … Cowens people are there to look after you and protect your survival capability.

Surely all insurance brokers should do this, right?

Well yes, they should, after all it is the only way to manage business risk effectively – but having completed a huge amount of customer surveys, market research and homework … Cowens know that brokers as thorough and detailed as they are few and far between … In fact there isn’t another company like Cowens.

Cowens approach is unique. The way in which they analyse and assess your risks, the thoroughness and attention to detail they apply. It’s these processes that ensure a fully tailored programme is created for you to cover your exposure. Cowens ensure a speedy and full settlement … There is nobody else out there who’ll work harder to give you the survival capability you need.

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