As you would imagine there are always questions that need to be answered, so to make life easier here are a few of the most often asked questions.


Q. How are Cowens different?

A. Cowens strength lies in its thoroughness and attention to detail. A unique 126-point checklist is used to create an insurance programme that gives you both speed and fullness of claims settlement. This is achieved through a process of fully understanding your business, the risks faced, and designing a solution to meet your requirements. Cowens call this unique approach Survival Capability.


Q. Can Cowens save me money?

A. Cowens may well be able to save you money in the short term … And will certainly save you money in the long term. They will be able to create an insurance solution that can save your business in the event of a claim. Cowens understand the value of an efficient and effective risk transfer programme and risk management strategies, which are vastly more important than short-term low cost risk transfer solutions.


Q. How well qualified are the staff?

A. Cowens position of providing ‘Survival Capability’ has been crafted around qualified staff. The company actively encourages all members of staff to pursue qualifications offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute. Today Cowens is a Chartered Insurance Broker … A standard that a select few insurance brokers in the UK meet. Dedication to professional excellence; achievement of the Chartered Institute status; Investors in People; professional claims technicians with 100 years combined experience, are all vital ingredients in the high quality support available to you.


Q. Do Cowens specialise in my industry?

A. Cowens do not specialise in any particular industry, however they have a great range of knowledge and experience gained in arranging risk transfer solutions for many different businesses … from ice cream parlours to pharmaceutical manufacturers. With experience across four decades in all industries, Cowens have a wide understanding of different trade activities and varying insurance practices. This means they can bring a uniquely informed view on any risk transfer strategy you may be considering


Q. How can Cowens help me reduce and manage risk?

A. Fully qualified, competent and diligent staff thoroughly review your business and provide advice to help you manage and minimise your exposure to risk. Cowens also employ a full-time NEBOSH Cert qualified risk advisor who is always on hand to provide you with advice regarding Health and Safety management and other aspects of risk control.


Q. Are Cowens big enough to look after me properly?

A. From 3 regional offices Cowens service clients throughout the UK. Their capability extends to looking after clients with highly complex and specialised needs. Today’s clients range from multi nationals to local independent businesses. They have the strength, depth, experience and professional abilities to service almost every kind and size of business imaginable.


Q. Are Cowens independent?

A. Cowens take great pride in the fact that it is, and intends to remain, a completely independent, stand alone, private limited company. Independence means Cowens are able to search the market for the very best insurance solution for each client. They are not a member of industry clubs or networks and believe their only master is you, the client.


Q. If my insurances are arranged through Cowens what happens when I have a claim?

A. You’ll find Cowens will act and operate like your out-sourced insurance department. This is at its most valuable to you at the point you have a claim. It is at this time when you truly appreciate the value of the insurance protection you have purchased. Unlike many others, Cowens commit considerable resources to maintaining a fully operational claims department. This means you have a team of highly experienced, full time and professional claims technicians at your disposal. Between them your claim handling team have nearly 100 years experience … And have experience in every conceivable insurance claim you can imagine … And probably quite a few you’re unlikely to have ever imagined.


Q. Would I have a regular contact?

A. Yes. All clients have at least 3 team members looking after their account. The team includes an executive, an office based account handler and an office based claims handler. These 3 individuals will be in contact regularly and will become well known to you. Their job is to go the extra mile and provide exceptional service levels. They work to meet your requirements and any agreements made. In addition, you will have access to specialist employees for Health and Safety, Survey and Risk Control activities.


Q. How can I be sure that any insurance company will not go out of business and leave me uninsured or with claims not being paid?

A. As with all businesses there are no absolute guarantees regarding any business’s survival. However, the team at Cowens take this subject extremely seriously. They spend a considerable amount of time and effort establishing the claims paying abilities of all underwriting partners. They hold monthly security meetings where the security levels of underwriting partners are reviewed … And, as a matter of routine will provide you with information relating to security ratings of Underwriters at both new business and renewal meetings.


Q. What classes of insurance business do Cowens offer?

A. As Cowens are regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority they can offer all classes of general insurance. Cowens specialise in complex commercial risks but have the ability to arrange small package business and Personal lines for Directors of commercial customers.

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