Survival Capability

Cowens Survival Capability is focused on the management of risk, insurance balance sheet protection and business survival.


Our role is to provide clients with a high level of professional expertise which they deserve

and expect. Too many companies buy, or in most cases are sold insurance cover that in

the event of a serious claim proves to be inadequate for their needs. In these cases, the

ability of the business to thrive, not simply survive is severely tested.


As Chartered Insurance Brokers, one of a select few firms in the UK, we are independent and

consequently clients know our advice will be completely tailored to their business and

needs – a complete bespoke service.


We believe that Management of Risk should be the essence of providing balance sheet

protection, only then when the risks are understood, should the purchase of insurance

protection be considered. We will work with clients to understand the risks presented and

the solutions available, be that risk management or risk transfer. Our view is that the

effective and reliable purchase of insurance requires professional skills and experience.

We don’t sell insurance directly instead we advise our clients on how or what to buy by

using our deep knowledge and understanding of the insurance market.


After all, reducing risk leads to elimination of claims, lower premiums and a more

productive, efficient, safer workplace.


Cowens Survival Capability = Balance Sheet Protection.

Insuring your future today, ensuring your future tomorrow.

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