Rostrum Health EIS Scheme


The Rostrum Health Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) is a simple proven product which assists in the management of absent employees by providing early intervention to those employees absent through musculoskeletal problems, stress, depression or anxiety.
Key features
  • Access to first class physiotherapy or mental ill health counselling after 3 consecutive working days of absence
  • Immediate access to treatment after a motor accident (i.e. no waiting period)
  • 24/7 cover (the absence doesn’t have to be work related)
  • Access to over £5,000 worth treatment per annum
  • Access to JobCare Back to Work Service

Key benefits

  • No GP referral necessary
  • Employee has access to early intervention which helps to:
  • promote a speedy recovery and reduce absence period and costs
  • reduce the likelihood of long-term absence
  • reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence
  • increase the likelihood of full recovery
  • prevent psychological issues caused by long-term absence
  • Employee feels valued
  • Potential to keep Employers’ Liability premiums/claims under control

For further information regarding absenteeism please contact Stefan Kuchta on 01623 649931 or email

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