Survival Capability Commitments

Cowens really appreciate your business.  The history of the company is steeped in pride, quality and attention to detail.  Their business is to ensure your business has survival capability.  The pledge is to do what is promised and provide you with good old-fashioned service.  That is why you are supported with 7 solid service commitments.

1. Thoroughness … Attention to Detail

Everyone at Cowens understands the importance of thoroughness and attention to detail.  Understanding your business and your requirements is a fundamental necessity when it comes to designing the best programme of cover for your business.   You’ll find the whole team at Cowens is committed to ‘doing what they say’ which enables the promises made to be fulfilled.

2.  Speedy Settlement of Claims

Should you ever make a claim you’ll find a whole team of professional claim handlers swing into action on your behalf.  Their role is to represent your interests when negotiating with insurers and loss adjusters’.  Recognising ‘cash is king’ Cowens work on your behalf for a fuss free, speedy and painless settlement … So that you can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

3. Fullness of settlement

Just as important as speed is the fullness of payout you receive.  Should you ever claim, you want to be sure that you get fair compensation … You want the appropriate amount of money needed to recover your losses.  To achieve this, two things are required.  The first is the correct programme of cover and the second is strong relationships and negotiating abilities with the insuring companies.  With experience stretching across 4 decades Cowens has the ‘know how’, the experience and the capability to deliver both.

4. 126 Point Check List

The team at Cowens lead by example.  They clearly define and agree with you, the fullness of your insurance programme.  Using a unique 126 point checklist Cowens can provide cover to protect every conceivable area of your business.  From people to plant and equipment … From assets through to protection of future plans.  Whatever your need, Cowens innovative and imaginative solutions are designed to ensure your survival capability in the event of a claim.

5. Accepting Responsibility

All your communications will be responded to within 24 hours.  You will never knowingly be promised anything that cannot be delivered, which means all commitments made to you by Cowens will be honoured.  They will always consider how your expectations can be exceeded so that you receive ‘extra’ value.

6. Polite, Courteous and Reliable

Cowens recognise manners go a long way, so you can always expect to be treated in a warm, friendly and polite manner.  All your dealings will be treated as confidential. Your feedback will be sought and seen as critical to continuously improving the levels of service you receive … And if you are ever dissatisfied Cowens will listen to you and work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

7. Communicating Honestly and Openly

Cowens aim to always communicate openly and honestly with you.  All communication be it written or verbal is thorough and detailed.  You’ll find you get quick responses to your queries and we’ll never hide if the service and support you receive is not going according to plan.  The team at Cowens will never blame anyone, or be afraid to say sorry should the need arise.

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